LTL (Less Than Truckload) Shipping Solutions

Posted on: 24 April 2023

LTL (less than truckload) shipments are one of the specialty transport types that many shipping agencies advise their clients on. If you tend to ship out orders that fluctuate in size and weight, you may benefit from hiring a third-party shipping specialist to assist with moving parcels from point A to point B.

Carrier Concerns

Some carriers may impose unfair charges due to the smaller parcel load that is being shipped out through them. If you are currently faced with paying inflated costs, simply because your LTL shipments are taking up cargo space within a carrier's truck or van, it is time to find an alternate shipping solution.

A third-party shipping agent uses consistent pricing for all of the undersized loads that will be shipped out with their assistance. This type of pricing eases any uncertainties with being charged amounts that seem excessively high.

A Network Of Operators

A third-party shipping agent has a network of operators who they have direct contact with. Many of these operators are available to pick up LTL shipments from businesses that are located regionally or nationwide.

During a consultation with a third-party shipping agent, outline the types of shipments that you will need transported. Furnish the agent with destination details and package sizing criteria. Describe the frequency in which you will need a freight carrier to pick up items from your place of business. An agent's job is to match you with a transport service that is equipped to meet your needs.

You can schedule several shipments that will be picked up from your business. You also have the option of scheduling one transport service at a time.

Shipment Logistics

A third-party shipment agency will keep track of where packages are located as they are en route to their destination. An agent who is assigned to oversee your shipments will provide you with details about the shipping service that will be handling your transport needs.

A third-party agent will be responsible for tracking each of your shipments. They will keep you updated about the location of the packages while they are in transit. They will also confirm when a shipment has arrived at its destination.

If you have any questions or concerns about the shipping company that will be handling your packages, simply contact an agent of a professional third-party shipping company in your area — such as JB Shipments — to voice your worries.