Working With A Freight Service To Move Products Efficiently

Posted on: 16 January 2023

Businesses that make products sold at retail locations around the country or the world need to get those items to their destination quickly. Working with freight services that transport things over long distances can be an excellent solution and help ensure everything gets where it is going without damage or delay. 

General Freight 

Moving freight from your facility to other areas of the country can be a big undertaking. If you have enough product to fill a semi-trailer, a freight services contractor can take the load for you, but you need to have a place to unload the trailer and distribute your items. 

Freight services can take your goods to the retailer directly, but if you have small orders going to several places, you may want to find a freight company that can provide some warehousing and distribution. Many companies offer this service, and it can be the best option for a company that needs storage but is not large enough to set up a warehouse in a different part of the country. 

Cross-Docking Freight

Another good option for getting items to different areas efficiently is to find freight services that offer cross-dock deliveries. The freight leaves your shipping dock and arrives at a warehouse facility in another part of the country. However, instead of the freight sitting, it is unloaded from the first trailer and reloaded into multiple trailers going to your resellers or vendors. 

Companies that do this every day can streamline the process so well that your products are unloaded on the receiving dock, carried across the warehouse, and reloaded at the shipping dock immediately. The timing is critical, and trucks can not be late arriving, or the entire schedule can get thrown off, so you must have your load ready to leave your facility on time or early.

This shipping method is common in large companies fulfilling orders daily and delivering goods to retailers every few days. The system does require the manufacturer to hold some inventory, and the freight services company must be dependable and on time. 

International Shipping

Freight service providers moving products internationally have different requirements that you may need to consider. Freight moving on a ship may need to go in a container before it can be loaded, so finding a service that can unload the truck, then load the container is a good place to start. 

Air freight also typically needs to come off the truck to go into the aircraft. If the requirements for each of the services are not met, the freight could be rejected. If you need international freight services, talk to the companies you are considering, and they can provide the details for you.

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