Helpful Packing Protocol to Follow When Sending Valuable Goods Through the Mail

Posted on: 29 April 2020

If you plan on sending packages through the mail with important valuables inside, then it's important to be strategic with your packing methods. Otherwise, your goods could get damaged. If you want to safely mail your valuables, keep these packaging tips in mind.

Choose an Appropriate Box

The first part in prepping for a shipment of valuable goods is choosing the right box. The size and structure both are really important to focus on. In terms of size, think about the dimensions of the goods that you're shipping. It may even help to take their measurements so you have a better idea of what box size you'll need.

As for the box's construction, you want something thick. Heavy-duty cardboard, for example, can give your goods adequate support and protection. These simple precautions will help you find a shipping box that works perfectly.

Wrap Items Individually 

If the items you're sending through the mail are fragile, then you'll need to take a different approach than just throwing all of the items together inside. Rather, you need to wrap each item individually before placing it carefully inside the box.

Bubble wrap is one of the best packaging supplies to use when wrapping items individually. You can secure bubble wrap all over the item and then tape it down. Once you're done, you can strategically place the items inside the box. The added cushion of each item prevents it from jostling around too much and damaging. 

Use Specialty Tape

Once all of the contents are inside the box, now's the time to focus on closing it with tape. You don't just want to use any type of tape, though, because this could cause the box to pop right open while it's being shipped to the target destination. You're much better off going with industrial tape. It has a heavy-duty design and will create a tight seal once the box has been closed. A lot of industrial tapes are also weatherproof. So no matter what elements the tape comes in contact with, it will hold up and keep the box closed.

Shipping valuable goods through the mail may seem like a nerve-wracking experience, but it doesn't have to be. You just need to know what helpful precautions to take when it comes to choosing packaging supplies and using them with your goods. Being strategic like this is the best way to avoid shipping complications.