Steps Involved In Booking A Car Moving Service

Posted on: 10 June 2018

When you own multiple cars, moving across the country poses a dilemma. If you don't have enough drivers in your family, you might have to fly back and drive multiple times to get all your cars to your new home. You may not want that expense, and you may not want to put that many miles on a vintage or luxury car. Having your cars shipped could be a good solution. Here's how it's done.

Choose An Open Or Closed Carrier

You can have your car transported on an open carrier along with multiple cars, or you can opt for an enclosed carrier that only carries a few cars at a time. An open carrier is less expensive, and it's a good option for most cars. If you have a rare, vintage, or luxury car, you might want to keep it out of the weather and away from prying eyes. In that case, having it transported in an enclosed carrier is a better idea.

Select Door-To-Door Delivery

It might be possible for you to arrange to have your car or cars picked up at your old home and dropped off at your new home. This option is convenient if you won't be home on the dates the car will be moved. You can designate another person to handle the process without them having to drive your car. The other option is to drive your car to the shipper's lot and then pick your car up at a different lot when it's delivered to your new city.

Schedule The Service In Advance

Shipping your car across the country requires coordination with the shipping company and the other autos on the truck. It usually isn't as simple as calling for a truck and having it show up right away unless you just happen to find an open spot. Instead, plan for the process to take a week or longer. An opening is found on a car transport truck, and then it's queued for pick-up and delivery taking into account the other cars that need to be picked up and delivered along the way. Your car may take a circuitous route to your home, which is why it may take longer than a direct drive takes.

Different factors affect the price of having a car shipped. The weight of your car, if you choose open or closed transport, the time of year, and the distance your car is moved play a role in the cost. However, you may find the price is worth it if you hate the thought of driving multiple times across the country yourself just to move your cars.

For more information, contact your preferred car moving companies.