3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Business Delivery Service Through The Holidays

Posted on: 19 December 2017

When the holidays start closing in, those last few days of servicing customers becomes a mad rush for a lot of business owners. This means they will need their products delivered to their place of business at a much faster rate than what a lot of typical mail carriers can offer. If you own and operate a business delivery service, you are bound to see a jump in delivery requests through the holidays because of this.

With a private business delivery service, like Morningside Courier Systems, it is your job to make deliveries when everyone else can't, which can be a real challenge. Here is a look at a few things you can do to improve your business delivery service through the holidays for your clients. 

Extend your hours of operation to coincide with your client's hours of operation. 

Many businesses change their hours of operation through the holidays so they can service customers who rely on them to get their gifts and purchases in time. If your typical service hours are only basic 9-5 timelines, it is best to consider expanding your hours just before the holidays. This will work out better for those clients who are looking for last minute transports. 

Offer speedier delivery options where possible for your clients. 

In the retail and resale world, the faster the better where holiday deliveries are concerned. If you normally offer a certain turnaround time for deliveries, consider shortening turnaround times on deliveries so clients can get their transported merchandise and items at a faster rate. While this can be a little difficult to achieve with some deliveries, even if you can offer a delivery that is a few hours faster than usual, it can mean everything for your client who will be working hard to service customers at a faster rate. 

Ensure you have around-the-clock telephone services available to take new delivery requests. 

It is well worth the investment to hire an answering service through the holidays so your clients can call in and schedule deliveries even after your delivery service has closed for the day. Having around-the-clock telephone service available makes it convenient for clients to call in at their convenience instead of having to wait for someone to be in the office to take their work order. Your delivery order requests will be ready and waiting when you do open for business the next day so you can rapidly handle requests.