Have Some Very Large Items You Need To Ship? Three Shipping Container Transport Services You Could Try

Posted on: 29 April 2016

When you need to ship a piano, a vintage car, or large sculptures, one of the best ways to ship these items is inside a shipping container built for this exact purpose. Depending on where you need to ship your large items, there are a few services that can help. These containers allow you to ship your oversized items using one of the following services.

Over Land

There are two ways your shipping containers can move over land. You can load them onto the back of a semi trailer and have them transported across the country via the highways and freeways, but it is a slow-going option. Another over-land option is to send your items in their containers by rail. Many of the U.S.'s railroads are still heavily vested in shipping goods all over the place. If you have ever been stopped by the trains crossing through town, you may have seen these shipping containers stacked one- or two-high on a flatbed car. Regardless of the over-land method you choose, you can feel confident that your items are safe and securely attached to the flatbed trailers or cars on which they are transported.

Over Sea

Cargo freighters place several of these shipping containers in their cargo holds and transport goods this way all over the world. If you need to send your large items to another country, this is an ideal option. There is little interference with the shipping process while the boat is on the waters, and tracking the progress of the shipment can be done online when the shipper gives you a container code to enter. You can also insure your items heavily against damages.

In the Air

There are special planes that can hold and transport shipping containers. In addition to these specialty planes, helicopters can act as transport for shipping containers when used in conjunction with heavy duty cables and transport hooks. The cables are wound around the shipping container and then lifted up to latch onto a transport hook system underneath the helicopter. (Some planes may also be able to transport the shipping containers this way, but only if they have enough engines and thrust power to carry such large objects.) Air transportation of shipping containers with large, heavy contents may only be utilized for short distances or in cases where it may not be possible to transport the containers over land or over sea.

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